I won’t swerve back.
Do you dare if you be me?
I had forfeited some memories
To cherish today.
I didn’t regret then
Why should I now?
I will wriggle away
From the crowd everytime.
Yet not too supine
For it may kiss me again
And flatter only to deceive.
I find comfort in distant hugs.
Stay for a measure!
While I fade to empty strums.

I sought assurance but–Oh mind!
I wanted to escape myself.
Perhaps, I should have
Embraced the dreary florette.
Nay! I kept shunning
And in vain tried to escape!

I move yet again.
These eyes fail to blur.
What I once held, lost.
New faces to remember.
Fresh quietude to bear.
New bolts to fasten!
Some to yearn for!
When will I cease running?
Damnation! I keep trying to
Catch up to my better avatar!

See? Hush now!
I will keep garnering fresh wings
Amongst my bleeding thorns.

-Rounak Barman

6 thoughts on “Run

    1. Thank you for reading. May you have a wonderful day. 🌸🌸

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  1. Superb !!!!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ❤ May you have a wonderful day. 🌸


  2. Awesome, fantastic and reveals all the feelings 👍💐☺️☺️

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