Darkest Red

Weak! Dab it up!
I abhor red!
Shush! Not floral sanguine!
A leeway? Dare you ask!

Yes, a checkout slip
For my fallow heart!
I bleed albeit you flew.
You refuse to skip mind!

Quit your whine! Cease!
You dwell free!
I prance with another
Yet you leak for me!

Leak? I spurn you daily from mind!
Why! I fail to true embrace again.
I am free yet I wriggle!
Hear! Fly again! Farther now!
Hand me the incandescent florette
While I stifle your hold over me!
I’ll let you die on your own accord
While you’ll cease to linger in my
Genteel verses.
Oh depraved being!
Not the infallible but the silent orators Who unite the guilty to their errs
Tacitly are true lovers.
I bid thee bye!

-Rounak Barman

Picture courtesy : Google

4 thoughts on “Darkest Red

    1. Thank you for reading. 🌸🌸

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