The Better Claim?

There is this alley of woe you see.
Where cries are stifled
And the glasses run dry.
Where candles flicker
And hope? A figment.
Where Angels dread to tread
And escape routes are none.
Alas! Despair shrouds the dawn.

Where the final moments of the closest
Are played on repeat.
Oh Hark! Is there no escaping from this
Timeless loop of memory?

Where thirst is perennial
And freedom holds no stead.
Where the sun never bothers
And the wind never dies.
Where hope is scavenged upon
And death be thy only salvation!
For if the truth isn’t true
What is it but the lie masquerading the truth?

The “better claim” Frost Imagined?
Oh forever eluded & forsaken “wood”!

-Rounak Barman

Pic Courtesy : Google

4 thoughts on “The Better Claim?

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