Well, we have all encountered a moment in our life when we felt like giving up. Some managed to hang on and for some it was too tough to keep breathing.
We have all come across people that needed help and was depressed. When you come across such people be gentle and know there are things which would work and things which would put them further on the edge. However I personally have come across people that have labelled the suicide victims as a sissy and as someone who lacked the courage to live. Please know that what a person goes through one never knows and it is quite possible that the person battled and tried hard to push on but life was too cruel for them and in such moments proper help would have enabled them to survive. There are people who don’t choose their words wisely and are unaware of the consequences. Hence I would request you to be gentle with your words. Words are extremely powerful and hold the authority to heal someone or push someone over the edge.

I for one, have battled suicidal tendencies and have encountered a long period of depression. People speaking to me thought they were were helping. Though some were but majority weren’t. Battling depression is no mean feat. It is a daily battle and I took up writing poetry as an escape hatch for the reality and the thoughts stuck in my head. My pillow has been moist for years and it still is at times but I have learnt to channel it better than before. I don’t know if I will be totally fine someday but for the moment I am trying my best.

This post is an attempt to help people to be aware of the various helplines that are available to the masses. At the other end of the line are trained professionals who know just what to say to bring you back from the ledge.

Please I request you to share this post so that people can pass on the helplines to their loved ones who are in need of help.
A small gesture on your part can save someone in need of help.

Suicide is an illness that has a cure.


General chat-
























  1. Rounak, thank you for sharing not only your personal struggle, but links where people can connect with trained professionals. You are right that it truly takes someone trained for this delicate mental/spiritual issue that many face (had my bouts as a young adult) and “tough love” isn’t the rope–it’s the hammer.

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    1. Exactly. Some people are unaware that it is a hammer and not a lifeline.
      Thank you Wanda. 🌸🌸 Have a great day. Much Love. ❤

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  2. Thank you for sharing these links and your own experience. I have shared your post on Facebook. Take care.♡

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    1. Thank you. ❤❤ Much love.🌸🌸 Have a nice day. 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on Rose J. Fairchild and commented:
    Please share this so any who might need it will be aware of the.various helplines available! It’s super important information!!

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    1. Thank you for sharing. ❤❤ Best wishes. 🌸🌸

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      1. You’re welcome! Best to you as well!! ❤

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  4. Thank you for raising awareness to this very important issue. Clinical depression can be debilitating. Often a combination of remedies work best. Starting with mood stablizing meds like SSRI. Follow this with Psychotherapy. But the most important ingriedient is a caring friend or family member. The individual has a better chance of overcoming MDD if they feel like they are not alone.

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