Hallowed Grounds

All ye who grieve reveal thyself not
For the crux of a journey is the end,
Reads the signage of the halcyon Ground.
Here we stood cushioned by the tinting Leaves with uneven gusts of uneaten Fruits. Today, I come here to observe my Future abode. This is where I place my Faith of Worship. Not just I.
Deluded multitudes before, after and Now.

A fine promise. A just sacrifice of now
For an uncertain dollar.
We were just visitors, the hosts Unprepared, failed to sheath the truth.
We had thought where we came from Was cold,
We shivered till we came across a second Signage,
Enter when ye don’t recognise thy Shadow.
We related, grimaced and walked Further.

A sage barefooted stood chanting quiet Truths on the bleeding thorns.
We offered boots only to be pitied by Him.
Mildly bewildered, we were swooped into A reverie of sorts by his utterings.
High truths, comprehended by only some
From our group.
We peered up, the sky was missing.
A few trumpets mourned the lost sky.
We realised our idealised conjectures
Was a mere folly for the place, though Not quiet, encompassed a pervading Silence.
We couldn’t relate to where we were.

By now many of us were left trudging,
The idealised promise was poisoned
Further by hollow cymbals jutting our
Naive frail selves.
We exited the labelled hallowed grounds.
The dangling signage outside read,
Fear not ye to live a little whilst coming Here.
And quite rightly so.

– Rounak Barman

To my fellow WordPress Bloggers, please take note that due to the restrictions of the theme which makes the capitalisation go haywire, the poem is best read on Unveiled Rhythms than the WordPress app reader.

Happy reading. 🌸🌸

Picture courtesy: https://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3423696/sony-grabs-script-reddoor-app-game-kills-players/

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