Maidens Of Faith

Maidens of faith comprehend,
The glistening murmurs of dying roses.
Hear my renowned song of fragile
Stems and lucid waters.
Shed your rosy pretence of famed Elegance.
Ha! For I have known many like you
From close quarters.
Quarters of necessity with a deadly Charter.

A lover or a pawn? Begs the question.
A contractual bond till some beguiling
Soul comes along.
Airy flaunts to trifling tongues,
You have it all.
Hollow chasms to a beautiful veneer,
You make Seraphs fall.
We appoint sentinel of doors of our
Own being to ward off sweet spells of Cloying voices.

Voices that fade, veneers that reveal
To harsh chastisement of time.
Yet you beg the question, why not give
It a try?
Well! Post the self inflicted holocaust,
All end up selling bleeding roses
For company.
What about you?

– Rounak Barman

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