Little Miss

He is this, he is that!
Halt Miss! Await your righteous turn.
One day when it befalls you
You will know, I was what!
You judgemental prick!
Your life’s seemingly better?
Mine’s not?
Someone’s better than yours.
This is life, that’s what it is.
Someday when things reverse then
You will be left alone to fend the dust.

I was happy for you yet you revel
At my grief.
Alas. We all know who is now truly
Hollow outside the sheets!

I sought only to mend myself,
You sought me to be all yours.
I reasoned, you flew, being impatient, Latched on to the closest substitute,
Truly good.
I was happy for your newfound Comfort.
Yet you taunted my glorified solitude.
But know this child-
It’s addictive to be in company
But one day you shall know–
It’s equally addictive
To find yourself not in others
But to bask in your own aura.
To retain your own self
Which is lost among the myriad
Smells of a superficial bouquet.
Go ahead lil tay, you go and parrtay!
For you are still young
And delusional.
You talk of things you truly know
Nothing about.

Little miss trying to be eloquent,
Little miss trying to flaunt!
Little prick, thinking it’s all about her.

Your life wasn’t mine,
Your wants, not mine!
I had my own riddles to break.
Too sad you are too naive
And deluded to comprehend.
Find your true footing lest you
Jostle in the dust later.
You have got nothing bar your
Cheap shots!
Learn to differentiate betwixt
Those who truly hurt you and who
Wanted nothing but the best for you.
Oh! You know better? Ha!
You only think you do.

-Rounak Barman

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