Replace- The Past Us?

One for the ages to comprehend,
A silly love betwixt two children.
Holding each other to fragrant Embraces. Lasting long in moment yet Lost to time. Starved strangers, three Years hence the first meet under a sullen Tree.

A year which swallowed three hearts.
Yet, all they see are pastures green!
Though, I am no ruddy faced lunatic yet.
O I digress! I yearn for the same in Others.
A presence to nourish the cobwebs
Of time. A tragic view yet unmatched
In serenity.

You say, you ‘ll keep apologising till the End of time. I ask did time not end then?
Fantasies unearthed, Yet you claim to
Be the jury of past us.
You grieve the lost like the soothsayer
Once foretold. You grieve the past us
You can never truly again behold.

Now strangers to you, keep knocking
Away. Some true, some naive & some
Lost come calling to seek your place.
We ‘ll unite but not yet, when we are one
With the dust of time, we shall gather to Reclaim our old mischiefs, in a city
Not quite far.

I, yours? Nah. Just an apprentice of the True possibilities.
My mind says, I fixate on you a lot.
How could I not? I confess.
I seek the past us. Not from you but
The true possibilities. Yet, you try to be so Strong! I see your woe, you can’t!

Then there is one who justifies her
Mirth with a lad publicly but weeps tears
Only I know. And I fixate? Ha!
Thank me for I inspire many to carve the Tales of warped emotions.
For honey, I play with words and
That’s the only playing I do!

However there is one strange aberration! Who knows not what to seek.
I ‘ve got a lot served on my plate at a go.
Lo! Let me scream then you shall Comprehend- I don’t trivialize with Misery!
Just let me be. I don’t!
I just don’t! Let me be.

Multitudes don’t relate or comprehend.
Why should it be different now?
Rant it like the pleasures of poesy
For I feed you unrefined truism.
Way ahead of your grasp.
I don’t pretend when I pen
For it’s the only time I can’t. I can’t.

-Rounak Barman

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