A Tall Order!

Clad in the richest attitude,
She piques my keenness.
My eyes swoon so she could conquer.
Conquer my better reasoning.
Popped ? I question.
From the best blossomed vine?

Why do you ask? she queried .
Ask? Because I am not looking
For lustful stares to satiate my appetite
Or a slim waist to hold.
I’m just looking for the fine days.
Fine days to cherish and behold.

A tall order! frowned she.
A tall order? Why so?
Are men not worthy to acquire
The joys of the universe?
To rot away without the worry of time!
To pass with the faithful by the side?

Seemingly intrigued,she questioned
What else do you seek?
Ah! A soothing voice.
A healing touch.
Who keeps trouble at bay.
Yup! One to brighten my day.

Just your day? You sir, are strange!
I am or the world is.
I crave solace for I have
Been long disturbed in company.
Being alone filled the empty spaces
That people couldn’t.

I am strange or maybe the world is.


-Rounak Barman

Equal measure

Crestfallen like John, I call out to Him.

A fearful wish to ease my dusky night

 And frail evenings.

When I sloth idly on my bed free from the Burden of the day.

Like a daily trial to test my grit,

I lay like a prisoner at the mercy of my 


I squirm! I squeal!

No less than a physical hurt!

A true pain in equal measure.

Oh calm my mind!

Free my soul!

Lessen the hurt!

Wipe my slate.

Or atleast renew my faith?

Oh heed! Lest I give in to the tumult
Of the brewing storm.
-Rounak Barman

The better claim?

There is this alley of woe you see.
Where cries are stifled 
And the glasses run dry.
Where candles flicker
And hope? A figment.
Where Angels dread to tread
And escape routes are none.
Alas! Despair shrouds the dawn.

Where the final moments of the closest 
Are played on repeat.
Oh Hark! Is there no escaping from this
Timeless loop of memory?

Where thirst is perennial
And freedom holds no stead.
Where the sun never bothers 
And the wind never dies.
Where hope is scavenged upon
And death be thy only salvation!
For if the truth isn’t true
What is it but the lie masquerading the truth?

The “better claim” Frost Imagined?
Oh forever eluded & forsaken “wood”!
 -Rounak Barman